BTstack supports both single-mode (BD/EDR or LE), as well as dual-mode (BD/EDR+LE) Bluetooth controllers.
With or without RTOS
The run loop abstraction allows to either run BTstack on bare metal, or, integrate with an RTOS.
Implements all Bluetooth SIG recommendations. It is fuzzed and automatically tested. Not affected by BlueBorne and SweynTooth.
Supported Protocols
L2CAP (incl. Enhanced Retransmission Mode and LE Data Channels), RFCOMM, SDP, BNEP, AVDTP, AVCTP, ATT, SM (incl. LE Secure Connections and Cross-transport key derivation).
Small Memory Footprint
Compile-time directives allow to optimize memory consumption by selectively enabling required functionality.
Easy Porting
UART-based chipsets require only a thin adapter for the platform UART driver and a system tick. Check supported chipsets.
Widely used
Industries: Secure appliances, Automotive accessories, Navigation, Fitness, Medical devices, Logistics, and more.

Supported Profiles
A2DP, AVRCP incl. Browsing, GAP, GATT, HFP, HID, HSP, IOP, SPP, PAN, PBAP Client, MFi iAP2. Coming soon: LE Audio and more.
ANSI-C Source Code
ANSI-C source code is available to all customers, and it's free for non-commercial use.
Offsite Debugging
A configurable packet logging mechanism enables detailed and effective offsite problem analysis saving time and money.
SIG Qualified
BTstack has been qualified for Bluetooth Core v5.2 in May 2021, QD ID 166433.

GATT Services
Battery, Cycling Power, Cycling Speed and Cadence, Device Information, Heart Rate, HID over GATT (HOG), Mesh Provisioning, Mesh Proxy, Nordic SPP, u-Blox SPP. For more GATT Services please contact us, or follow the implementation guidelines.

Why Choose Our BTstack?

BlueKitchen’s mission is to provide a reliable and easy-to-use code base that empowers companies with a reusable state-of-the-art Bluetooth solution. We provide a flexible, compact and fast dual-mode Bluetooth stack that keeps application code independent from the underlying hardware and OS. BTstack is immediately available in source code, and well documented and tested.

Clean Design
Using a single run loop, it doesn't require multi-threading, doesn't block nor queue data.
Platform Independent
While you can develop and test your Bluetooth application on desktop, it will run on different embedded target devices without changes.
Available Source Code
You can start evaluating BTstack right now, the source code is available on


Through our partnerships we provide joint customer solutions and drive new business opportunities.


BTstack is in use by various companies and successfully employed in a wide range of products.

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