BlueKitchen GmbH provides Bluetooth connectivity, development, and consulting for embedded systems and Apple’s iOS platform. Its main product, the BTstack Bluetooth Stack, is easy to use and has one of the smallest memory footprints in the industry. Currently, the Serial Port Profile (SPP) and the Bluetooth Low Energy Peripheral role (LE Peripheral) are qualified with the Bluetooth SIG (QD ID 54558).

BTstack is distributed under a dual license. TheĀ open source version for non-commercial use has an active community to support your hobby projects and tinkering. For the non-commercial version, please visit BTstack.org, and for documentation BTstack Manual v1.1.

The embedded version runs with or without a real-time system and has been ported to the TI MSP430 line of MCUs with full support for TI’s CC256x Bluetooth 4.0 chipsets as a showcase. The iOS version of BTstack is used with more than two million iOS devices and provides the base for several successful iOS system extension: BTstack Keyboard, BTstack Mouse, BTstack GPS and Celeste (OBEX).