BTstack provides support for Bluetooth Smart devices, both as single-mode or dual-mode stack.

Small Memory Footprint

A minimal configuration for an SPP server on a MSP430 can run in 40kB FLASH and only 4kB of RAM.

ANSI-C Source Code

ANSI-C source code is available to all customers, and it's free for non-commercial use.

With or without RTOS

The Run loop abstraction even allows to run BTstack without RTOS.

Easy Porting

UART-based chipsets only require a thin adapter for the platform UART driver and a system tick.

Widely used

Industries: Secure appliances, Automotive accessories, Navigation, Fitness, Medical devices, Logistics, and more.

Supported Protocols


Supported Profiles

GAP, SPP, PAN, GATT. Coming soon: HSP, HFP, and more.

SIG Qualified

GAP, IOP, HFP, HSP, SPP, PAN, GATT (client and server) have been qualified in November 2015, QD ID 75986.

Why Choose Our BTstack?

BTstack is small, modular, easy to port, immediately available
in source code, and well documented and tested.

Clean Design

Using a single run loop, it doesn't require multi-threading, doesn't block nor queue data.

Available Source Code

You can start evaluating BTstack right now, the source code is available on btstack.org.

Competitive Pricing

Tell us a bit about your project and get the quote for commercial use.


Our team can help your embedded Bluetooth project getting started.

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