BTstack allows to implement and use GATT Clients in a modular way.

ANCS Client

The ANCS Client implements Notification Consumer (NC) of the Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS).

See ANCS Client API.

Battery Service Client

The Battery Service Client connects to the Battery Services of a remote device and queries its battery level values. Level updates are either received via notifications (if supported by the remote Battery Service), or by manual polling.

See Battery Service Client API.

Device Information Service Client

The Device Information Service Client retrieves the following information from a remote device: - manufacturer name- model number - serial number - hardware revision- firmware revision- software revision- system ID - IEEE regulatory certification- PNP ID

See Device Information Service Client API.

HIDS Client

The HID Service Client is used on the HID Host to receive reports and other HID data.

See HIDS Client API.

Scan Parameters Service Client

The Scan Parameters Service Client allows to store its LE scan parameters on a remote device such that the remote device can utilize this information to optimize power consumption and/or reconnection latency.

See Scan Parameters Service Client API.